Monday, March 10, 2008

Virgin Mobile Unlocks in India

At first look Virgin Mobile India bring some positive surprises...

You can call the customer care number on 125999 or on 1-800-209-4444 from any phone.
and those are toll-free numbers..from any phone...

Inside home network a user get 10 paise for every 60 seconds incoming received from any phone.
CDMA phones priced between Rs. 2000 and Rs. 6000
Once you’ve created an onlne account, you can
  • View recent calls
  • View recent payments
  • vPower
  • Add new number
  • Delete a number

Virigin mobile wireless website in india is or ?
Don't confuse its
The domain was Created On: 16-Feb-2005 !!!
Virgin Mobile India (VMI ) website provides you with information on Tata Tele Ltd’s Virgin Mobile branded services and other information and services such as access to a variety of value added services (VAS), products and content information offered by TTL under Virgin Mobile brand.
Virgin Mobil AP Andhra Pradesh
Virgin mobile KA karnataka
and virgin mobiles TN tamil nadu . will be the initial playground...
The 4 phone models are v-bling, v-kewl, v-trendy, v-sleek.
Even the phone manuals are peppy pdfs targetted to youth...

But unfortunately, for now, a Virgin Mobile connection is only available with a Virgin Mobile handset. and I don't think thats a problem if everything else works as advertised...



Blogger sapna said...

Yeah Now Virgin Mobile in India. Virgin Mobile india has interesting offer.

6:10 PM  

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