Saturday, March 08, 2008

neha-dhupia richard-branson 4 photos

Richard Branson and Neha Dhupia at Channel [v] 'LIVE' bollywood movie premiere event at MMRDA, Bandra, Sunday evening, March 2.

“Not once while shooting the song did he give me a clue about what was coming my way. When he came on stage to talk, he was standing next to me; out of the blue he just picked me up and swept me off my feet. I remember being swirled around in mid air, and being dangled upside down!”

When asked if she was peeved with his behaviour, Neha says, “I remember telling him about the Richard Gere episode and warned him to be careful in front of the media. He had laughed it off. It took me some time to regain my composure.

After landing from the acrobat act, I checked if everything was in place. Branson later asked me how I was doing and we laughed it off. Had it been someone else, I definitely wouldn’t have taken it in the same spirit.”

Though she wasn’t just worried about performing the flip act in her short dress, she was also worried for Branson, “When someone like Akshay (Kumar) does a similar stunt, he tells you in advance to be careful. But Richard just pulled this one out of his hat, so I was worried that he too might get injured in the process.”



Blogger ashi.kacheria said...

no doubt that neha dhupia is beautiful, smart and sexy.. i wish if I could be just like her. besides that she is a good actress who has worked in great films like ek chaalis ki last local, garam masala,etc and very few people might be aware that she has a great sense of humor.. don’t trust me? Well then check her out

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