Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Google webmaster blog posted on requesting-removal-of-content-from-google-servers.

The titles interpreted this post in different ways.

Url removal: yah!
Removing your content from Google
Webmaster Central - Las herramientas para Webmasters de Google
How To Remove Your Blog Content From Google
How to remove the horrors you said on other people from the Google ...
Google Removal - Get UnGoogled
Take Control of Your Content in Google’s Index
Outil de suppression de pages de l'index Google
New Tools To Remove Content From Google Index
Ultimately: Watch out for Google's URL terminator
How To Request Google To Remove Indexed Content

and much more...

The Crawlers are Coming
Robots Dot TXT
Borrar URLs desde Webmaster Tools de Google
Eigene Webseite aus dem Google-Index entfernen
Google Upgrades its Toolkit
Speed Up Removal of Google Content
Google as part of their Webmaster Tools now offers several new ways to speed up the removal of your pages in Google (or the Google cache of your pages). Vanessa Fox explains that Google will remove your content from their index ...
posted by Google Blogoscoped @ 2:30 AM
Seiten aus dem Google Index entfernen
Remove other sites from the Google search results
Google has a new option for webmasters - that enables us to remove a particular information on a website from it's search results. Vanessa Fox today released the Webpage removal tool that will enable users to delete off indexed pages ...
posted by ManiKarthik @ 1:59 AM
Google Improves Content Removal Options
Last week Yahoo announced they had improved the options for removing pages from their index. Proving that “anything you can do, we can do better” still exists in the search space, Google has announced new webmaster tools options for ...
posted by @ 1:55 AM
Google's New URL Removal Tool


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