Tuesday, January 30, 2007

More Google Onebox

Type in a phrase into Google.com, add the word "blog" at the end of your query and not only will you get web results but more up-to-date gems from Google Blog Search too. That's the word from the Google Operating System weblog. This has been running as a test since November.

Google has quietly added a new OneBox feature that highlights articles from Wikipedia. All you need to do to is tack on the word "info" or "information" at the end of your query and Google will put a large Wikipedia link at the top of the results page. Your search keywords and the Wikipedia article title need to match up exactly, otherwise the Onebox links don't show up.

As Wikipedia's power and brand rise, Google is going to dig deeper into the citizen-edited encyclopedia. Google loves frequently updated information so the fit is perfect. This will occur even as Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales readies a Google competitor. While this OneBox is not a search engine for Wikipedia, it sure comes close. There's nothing to stop Google from going further and building a Wikipedia search engine and I suspect they will.

Google Onebox spotlights special results such as news, stock quotes, weather, music and maps when certain trigger keywords are used. Blogs were added last week.


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