Sunday, September 17, 2006

SideEffects of Google Doctor's Blog

Taraneh Razavi is not your ordinary physician. She's the doctor at Google headquarters in Mountain View, California, where she's in charge of maintaining the Googlers in good health.
A few months ago, she started a very well-done and informative blog about these subjects, Dr. Razavi's Good to Know Info.

In an interview she says the site had about 60,000 hits since April.

Okay, now the big problem is though she quotes the best sources in her blog you can see funny,stupid and harmful adsense advertisements in her blog.

I am sure someone edited her blog template to put those ads there or she might have did that unknowingly.

Both ways these adsense ads cause "SideEffects" to ordinary people who won't use adblock softwares.. :(