Friday, May 05, 2006

New Undocumented Google Operator [ type:keyword ]

In google search box enter type: followed by a keyword.
The results will give direct link to a great piece of information.
results in
Microsoft — Type: Public (NASDAQ: MSFT)
According to
Enter MSFT in google and u get stock quotes.

Try these and they will give direct link to information for that keyword.
More examples ...
Karl Benz — Type: Person
According to Benz
Dell — Type: Public (NASDAQ: DELL)
According to,_Inc.
Google — Type: Public (NASDAQ: GOOG)
According to
India — Type: Country
According to
Hiv — Type: Acronym
According to
UNICEF — Type: Abbreviation
According to

I googled for type: operator before posting here. No one has documented this so far. So i decided to share this with you. Please link to me and spread the word about this.
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