Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Relevance Feedback - Future is here.

How does Google rank pages?

An ordinary advice from SEO would be

Google's order of results is automatically determined by more than 100 factors, including PageRank algorithm.

Few Important Factors are:

1. Link Popoularity.
2. Unique Content.
3. Text navigation.
4. Clean Html Design.
5. Page size and load time.
6. Error free websites. ( Java script error, broken links )
7. Spam free websites. ( Hidden text, Keyword stuffing, Link farms )
8. Important incoming links ( From Yahoo, Dmoz, About, Inktomi, Altavista etc. )
9. Website Optimization.

I have noticed one more thing to be added to this list now.

Relevance Feedback: "Relevance feedback is a process where users identify relevant documents in an initial list of retrieved documents, and the system then creates a new query based on those sample relevant documents."

You can view your clicked results here if you have enabled Personalised search


6.1 Future Work of Google's Architecture



when personalised search is disabled the result link is direct link
(see status bar of image 1 - mouse placed over first result )

when personalised search is enabled the result link goes via google as a referral
(see status bar of image 2 -mouse placed over first result )


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